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Trinity College Dublin

Completed Projects

Here we list some of the completed research projects which were undertaken and enabled by the Centre.

  • The Institute for Information Technology and Advacned Computing
    • MOLDY is a MOLecular DYnamics based project focusing on the development and implementation of new algorithms with the aim of extending current molecular dynamics timescales.
    • Probabilistic exposure analysis of food-borne chemical hazards.
  • ENACTS - European Network for Advanced Computing Technology for Science
    • A Co-operation Network in the DGXII's "Improving Human Potential Access to Research Infrastructures" Programme.
  • EVEN - The European Virtual Engineering Network
    • An EU funded Network Project focused on forming a virtual institute of Design and Product Development.
  • STIWRO - Software Tools for Indoor Wireless Resource Optimisation
    • A collaborative project with the TCD Deptartment of Electrical Engineering, extending an implementation for solving the Electric Field Integral Equations.
  • PANEL - Providing Access to Networking of Entrepreneurial Links
    • A collaboration which aims to improve the support structure for innovative start-ups.
  • Monte Carlo
    • A software system, accessible via the internet, which uses high performance computing to apply stochastic modelling of human exposure to food chemical and nutrients.
  • KNIFE - Knowledge Needs of Investment and Finance for Enterprise:
    • KNIFE is a web-site tool for entrpreneures, investors and people involved in the training and promotion of knowledge based entrpreneurship.
  • Market Reseach
    • The aim of this project was to create awareness of high performance computing and networking technology possibilites to Irish based industries.
  • Fluid Dynamics
    • This project evaluated how the application of high performance computing could improve a company's process analyses.
  • Telecoms
    • This project sucessfully developed a new network simulator on multi-processor computers which meant that large scale architectures could then be simulated on a high performance computer platform.
  • Northern Ireland
    • Supercomputing Awareness Creation for Industry and Government in Northern Ireland
  • Drug Delivery, PSUDO - Parallel Simulation of Drug Release Code
    • Using HPC simulation technology to design drug delivery systems.
  • Satellite Imaging
    • An assessment of the High Performance Computing needs of ERA-Maptec (Ireland), a worldwide innovator in the use of satellite images.
  • ICT
    • "Large Scale Network Simulation" research, funded by the Information and Communication Technology programme.

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